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(ECALIT is the acronym for "elektrochemical activation low ion transfer")

is a further technical development of the EMERALD-MF process (RUBY water purification technology) for drinking water treatment. In the MF-process, germs are killed and suspended matter is removed after the tap.

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The RUBY process is used to purify drinking water from microorganisms, toxic organic compounds, heavy metal ions, including excessive iron, and to eliminate turbidity. During purification ions necessary for the human body like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fluorine are conserved, and water is saturated with oxygen.

For the

the contact times of the medium at the cathode and anode were extended and the downstream system components for removing suspended particles were removed without replacement. In the completely re-dimensioned membrane electrolysis cell, the short circuit is made via a ceramic membrane and is distributed 1:1 between the sodium and chloride ions. With small amounts of sodium chloride, an anodic solution with a high redox potential is produced with a weak current flow and membrane electrolysis cells connected in series, which remains effective for up to two years.

As a result of the low current density, the material removal on the catalytic surfaces of the anodes is low, the formation of unwanted by-products is largely suppressed and the removal of hydrogen can be omitted for many applications.

For the ECALIT-process, at least one drinking water quality must be used that complies with the EU Drinking Water Directive.

The ECALIT process was developed by the chemist and microbiologist Dr. Kurt Kaehn in cooperation with the chemical engineer Alexej Gaas in 2011.

The name ECALIT comes from Dr. Kurt Kaehn and was registered as a word mark at the DPMA on 06-03-2012 by eca biomed with his consent (no: 302011057454). 

The ECALIT process is developed in cooperation with eca biomed GmbH & Co. KG in order to provide mensurable product qualities for defined applications.

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